"I see letters. They don't even know they're letters." ~ Jodi Gerber, owner/photographer

Welcome to the amazing world of alphabet photography! I have been a photography for many years, and got involved in nature and architectural letter photos in 2008. Once I started hunting for letters (it is legal; don't worry), I just couldn't stop! All images you see are my own originals and can't be found anywhere else. They are truly a unique way to create those amazingly popular framed names and any kind of home decor you can imagine.

After creating as the go to site for ordering prints, I wanted to also have a resource for ideas, projects, and tutorials.  So here we are!

This blog was created in March, 2012.  So, new project ideas and tutorials will continue to be posted as the weeks and months go along.  Sign up to follow by email, and you'll be emailed when a new project is up.

I am thrifty and love finding bargains at garage sales and resale shops.  I've found many frames for a couple dollars that perhaps just needed to be painted or have whatever (unattractive) print that was included removed.  I've even reused frames that I thought I didn't want anymore.

If you are in need of frames through, I do have some suggestions. Craft stores such as Jo-Ann, Michaels, AC Moore, and others offer a great selection of frames at very reasonable prices and offer custom framing to suit any needs.

Additionally, the below companies offer great quality frames and some of the best prices I have found:

"Clip" frames:

Frames for standard and custom sizes: edit

 I hope you find this blog a helpful resource when creating your own alphabet photography artwork!

Have a happy day.  :-)

Disclaimer:  No guarantees are made as to any of the information, tutorials, projects, and recommendations.  All posts are as truthful and accurate as possible, but I am not responsible for any projects that do not turn out exactly as expected or cause damage. 

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