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Alphabet Photos Project

Guest Designer Jill Wilhelm of

I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I was when I got the opportunity to create a project using photos from 365AlphabetPhotography (happy dance excited)!! Jodi, the owner and creator of 365Alphabetphotography, goes in search of letters she finds through nature and in architecture and her results are AH~MAZING! Well, this lucky gal {me!} created a project to share with you all, and I'll show ya what I did....

I started looking through the 365AlphabetPhotography website just before we moved. I already knew that we were going to be moving into our home, and wanted to make something special for it. I wanted it to be a bit different than our last name (which I do love those signs) with an Established date on it. I decided to pick the letters that spelled out "Our Cottage" with an extra E {to make our own established stamp}. The letters were shipped out immediately, I think I received them just 3 or 4 days after I ordered them! Once a were a little more settled (when my supplies were unpacked ;-)) I got to work. Here are the letters I received....

I wanted to use pallets in some way (which could totally be done) but the number of letters made my sign too long, and not proportional for the wall I wanted. So I started to jumble the letters to see what else I could come up with. So in a "scrabble" kinda way....using letters from words, I came up with "Our Space to Create"!

And here whatcha do....




I used those yellow cards to make the pictures stiff,
so choose anything and just match the size of your print

Spray paint the mini canvases with your favorite color. I used Rust-oleum glossy red, but any paint color will work, or staining the wood would look great too! I wanted a pop of color since I chose black and white prints :-).

Once that dries,  painted them with white acrylic paint, to look like scrabble letters. Instead of using the "value",  use the year you move into your home!



To set apart the "OUR" and the "CREATE",  paint square wood blocks with black acrylic paint (or any color you choose). I didn't raise any of the letters for "OUR", just the                C~ ~E~A~T~E. While the paint is drying, gather your card stock, thin wood, or what ever else you can find around the house to make your pictures stiff, some spray adhesive, and your photos.


 You might want to spray the glue outside, it's kinda stinky (and VERY sticky!) I sprayed one side of the card stock, not the picture....and just make sure to carefully stick the two together. The glue will dry fast, so you won't have much wiggle room. Once you finish that, you will adhere the picture to the wood with Mod Podge. You can use a sponge applicator, or a brush....apply a thin coat to the wood and set the wood onto the picture. The weight of the wood will be enough pressure on the photo while the glue dries. Once everything is dry, hot glue the wood to the canvas first...(don't forget to space it out correctly for your "r") Mod Podge the photo's to canvas, and then hot glue your "scrabble" letter's to the canvas. 




So easy!! This is a great house warming gift, or a project that you can even do with your kids!

The possibilities are truly endless with 365AlphabetPhotography! Jodi really does a fantastic job and is a pleasure to work with. Head over and check out her site as well as her blog,  AND.....

For all my readers, Jodi is offering 50% off any and all prints at !  Simply enter Coupon Code PLANS50 during checking to get everything you order for HALF PRICE.  :)   Have a project idea you are wanting to try and share?  Jodi would love to hear from you.

I was provided the pictures for this project, but the project, and opinions are all my own

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