Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grungy Style 8x10 Stretched Canvases PLUS Discount

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Here's what you'll need for this project ...
8x10 stretched canvases -I needed 7 for the word IMAGINE
Stores like Michael's, Jo-Ann, AC Moore, etc. carry these
8x10 prints of your choice at
one or two sheets of heavy scrapbook paper (I needed two)
spray adhesive
small sponge brush
paper cutter
black acrylic paint
newspapers to protect your work area 

 Start with your paint.  It can be any color, but I went with black to complement the black & white photos I selected and the paper.  Work from a disposable plastic plate.

Paint each of the canvases around the edges like shown above.  
You won't need to paint the whole canvas - you'll see why later. 

Do all your canvases at once and let dry.

Measure the depth of the canvas - it was 1/2 inch.
You'll want to make cut your strips of paper slightly smaller than the exact measurements of a side.
The scrapbook paper I chose had black in it plus a bunch of other colors.
It had a grungy look to it, so that's the style I decided I wanted.

You then need to cut strips of paper - 4 for each canvas you'll be using.
So for IMAGINE I needed a total of 28 strips of paper.
14 of the longer size and 14 of the shorter size.

Lay a strip of paper upside down and spray the back with a little adhesive.  
Use sparingly - it doesn't take much for the paper to stick!  
I found it worked best to hold the canvas between my legs for stability.

Take your sprayed strip of paper and start at one end.
Get it positioned so that there is just a little space around the edges.
Then press on the end you have positions and work the other end into position.
When in place, move you finger up and down the edges to make sure it is adhered securely.

TIP:  The spray adhesive that I used works EXTREMELY well!  The newspapers would
quickly get saturated so I just kept throwing newspapers away and laying down fresh ones.

Work through all your strips one at a time until you have all sides of your canvases complete.
Let dry.

To get an idea of how your print will look on the canvas, place it on top of a dried canvas.  

OPTIONAL:  My photos were just slightly larger than I wanted them to be - 
I wanted some of the black paint to show on the sides.
Using the paper cutter, cut off just a little of each photo ... about 1/4 inch on each side.
Prep all your photos to the size you want.

Spray the back of a photo with adhesive.  Again, use sparingly!
Holding the print on either side, get it positioned so that just a little birth of black is showing.
I started at the bottom, got it positioned, and then slowly lay it down towards the top.
Use a clean cloth and press the photo onto the canvas evenly.

Turn the canvas over and press on the inside evenly to make sure it adheres well.
Repeat with all images and canvases.
IMPORTANT:  Again, the newspapers will get sticky with adhesive as you go along.  
Make sure to throw away sticky newspapers and replace with fresh ones.  
It will go smoother and you won't get adhesive anywhere you don't want it!

Here's what it looks like so far.
I didn't really like the look of the edges of the paper, so I decided to go back to the black paint.
With the small sponge brush, I lightly dipped just the tip/edge in the paint.  
Carefully dab the paint onto the edges of the paper.  

You'll notice that the difference is not huge, but it has kind of a grungy, burned look to it.
Plus I think it hides little imperfections of slightly off-centered paper placement.
I'm not a perfectionist, so this was a great solution!
Imperfect perfection.  ;-)

Let them all dry, clean up the work area, and then check out your artwork!


  1. Nicely done! This project turned out great! I love it. I'm glad the Tacky Spray worked out well!


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